The NYBA AAU Basketball Program


The Newtown Basketball Youth Basketball Association (NYBA) is a local organization devoted to youth basketball.  The NYBA has adopted an AAU program for Newtown and surrounding area players. We participate in local basketball leagues and AAU tournaments in Fairfield County as well as other Northeast Regional locations.  Our Teams include the CT Hawks and Newtown Monarchs.

We embrace a "kids first" approach, evidenced our by best practices and policies that protect kids by promoting responsible health, wellness and safety. Our coaches demonstrate a heartfelt passion and a commitment and a contagious spirit for helping kids succeed in youth sports activities while maintaining a commitment to established safety procedures.


There are other AAU programs available, but we try to keep this program close to home and as inexpensive as possible.  We attempt to roster teams for grades 4th through 12th.  These teams will be made up of friends, good talent, and boys/girls with great character.

Most of our kids go on to play for their Newtown Intermediate and Middle School teams.  We do have players who have played on the Immaculate, Danbury, Abbott Tech, Trumbull, New Milford, Brunel, Fairfield Prep High School varsity basketball teams.

Our tournament schedule is expected to start late March/ early April and goes through June.  There will be open tryouts with schedule January/February announce dates to participate in the program.


Just a little background on the Newtown AAU Basketball Program.  Since 2012, the 7th-10th Grade boys have played under Newtown Lightning, Newtown Hawks, and Newtown Monarchs.  

  • 2016 was our inaugural season.  
  • In 2017, the 7th Graders won the Gatorade Northeast Regional.  Our 8th Grade Boys made it to the semi-finals in the Zero Gravity National Finals.  These boys played under the CT Hawks & Lighting team names.
  • In 2018, the 8th Graders won the NYA Mother’s Day Classic and the Bristol Invitational.  Our 9th & 10th Graders won the CT Elite Regionals, Zero Gravity CT State Championship and CT Jamboree.  Our 9th Graders reach the quarter finals in the Zero Gravity National Finals, while the 10th Graders were ranked 4th in the CT Elite Northeast Regionals.  
  • In 2019, our 4th Grade team made their debut, while our 6th Grade Boys won the Zero CT Jamboree Championship, and our Jr Varsity won the Zero Gravity CT State Cup.  We were involved in over 10 Championship games. We had our first girls’ team, comprised of 5th graders playing under the Lady Monarchs.  They participated in 2 Championship games.