Senior League Playoff Format 2022

TeamSnap has some new features for implementing more complex playoff formats, so Andy & I thought it might be fun to try them out.  So, this year, instead of a normal single-elimination tournament we will be running a "compass tournament" for the top 16 teams, and a more traditional final four tournament for the bottom 4 teams.

Schedule Changes

These new tourney types are good because it allows all teams to play multiple games.  To make room for all these games we will end the regular season a week earlier.  Because of this, I had to make changes to other areas of the schedule.  I have just pushed these schedule changes, so please check your new schedules and make sure your teammates are aware.

Compass Tournament

We're calling this tourney the Battle At The Top; it will be made up of the top 16 teams.  The benefits of a compass tourney are that all teams play the same amount of games whether they win or lose, and it enables each team to end up at a specific place.  For the winning team, it doesn't look any different than a single-elimination tourney.  The team that wins all 4 of its games is the champ.  As you can see in the image below, the losing teams move into different brackets, so at the end you know where each team places.

Please see in the picture below how this all works.  You can see the schedule for the games as well as what place every team falls.

This is not final yet, but we're trying to get the championship game at the High School so we have more room for spectators.

Final Four Tournament

For the 4 teams at the bottom of the rankings, we will have a traditional single elimination tourney with an additional game of the losers of the first two games.  We're calling this tourney the Battle At The Bottom.  In order to keep this interesting, any junior on the team (if they become a captain next year), will get the first pick in the next year's draft. the 2nd-4th teams will get their respective place in next year's draft.

2022 Senior League Tournament

League Rankings

This page has the official standings for the league.  The ranking of each team is the number in the first column.  You may need to sort that row to see the teams in order.

The ranking is created by first by win percentage, and then within teams of the same win percentage, it is ranked by point differential.  To avoid teams running up the score, the most points you can get from any single game is 10.  Beating a team by more than 10 points will not help your differential.  For example, this is why Mockovak is in 1st place with a 48 point diff even though Gonski has a 52 point diff.  Gonski had two close games and one blowout, so his dif is less than Mockovak's.