The NYBA is happy to be offering a complete program for the 2021-2022 basketball season. It has been great seeing so many young people enjoying the game of basketball these first few weeks. As we are all seeing, the number of cases in our area is rising quickly.  The Board has decided to take steps to mitigate the chances that our gathering will cause infections to spread.

To continue with our season, we need everyone, players, coaches, parents, and spectators, to do their part to keep us running through the winter. We depend on the Newtown Public School gyms to run the program and will only be allowed to continue their use if we follow their protocols. For the success of our season and the safety of all participants, please review the following succinct summary of the COVID procedures NYBA is following this 2021-2022 season based on our local and state-DPH governance:

    • Players, coaches, spectators, etc., should be instructed not to arrive more than 10 minutes before their scheduled event time. This allows groups to exit the gyms before the next group comes in. We are looking to limit the size and number of people in the building to continue to have a safe season.
    • All persons will wear masks in a Newtown school gymnasium (games & practices). This includes players, coaches, refs, other game workers, and spectators. Coaches, League Directors, and NYBA Board Members have the right to stop an NYBA event if there is non-compliance.
      • An appropriate mask is one that completely covers the nose and mouth, is worn directly on the face (i.e., not attached to a helmet or other equipment), and fits closely without significant gaps or openings. DPH currently advises individuals that the wearing of masks by all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, when interacting with other individuals in any indoor setting is the best way to prevent COVID-19 transmission in these settings.
      • However, beginning on December 23, 2021, fully vaccinated athletes, coaches, and officials (i.e., at least 14 days past their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or their first dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine) may remove their mask while actively participating in a game or other official contest. Masks should be worn at all other times indoors by all participants, including during practices, sitting in bench areas, spectating, and during entry and exit.
      • NYA: While the NYA is currently not requiring the wearing of masks, NYBA will insist all spectators wear masks during NYBA games (Senior Boys League/Travel/7th-8th Boys Rec) at NYA.  We will also insist masks be worn by players while on the bench.  Players on the court will not be asked to wear masks.  Failure to comply will result in a League Director, Coach, or Board Member asking you to leave.
      • Travel teams playing in other towns and venues should abide by the protocols set forth by those facilities and municipalities.
  • In the event of a COVID positive case:
      1. The COVID positive individual (regardless of vaccination status) will need to quarantine for ten days with no early option to return to athletics.
      2. Contact tracing will take place in the event of a COVID-positive case.
        1. Persons identified as close contacts** and who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will have to quarantine for ten days, away from athletics. These individuals can test on day five or later and return to play on day 7 with a negative test.
        2. Identified close contacts of a COVID positive who are fully vaccinated do not have to quarantine. Fully vaccinated is defined as being at least two weeks out from your last shot. These persons should monitor for symptoms for at least 14 days after the initial contact with the positive, with a recommended/optional test within days 5 – 7.
      3. In the event of a contact trace situation, it is possible for select individuals, a whole team, or two teams+ (depending on if it was a game vs. another team) to be considered in the trace. Contact tracing will be conducted with fidelity by coaching staff and board members. A board member will communicate with all families of identified close contacts in the event of a COVID positive.
      4. Please know, the Screen & Stay program that the Newtown Public Schools recently adopted does not apply to athletics. ^^ – It is only applicable within the school buildings. If your child is sick or experiencing COVID, or Flu-like symptoms, please do not send them to practice, school or games
      5. If you have any questions about this contact information, please contact Jayme Beckham ( or 203-470-6815)”

We are all guests in these gyms, and if we want to continue to use them, let’s work together to continue to have a fun and safe season.  If anyone is uncomfortable with any of these policies, we ask that you do not attend any games.


NYBA Board

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